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With the theme of “Innovate Your Career”, Cyberport Virtual Career Fair 2022 provides a super gateway to offer you boundless opportunities and possibilities. The future is promised to no one except those who can adapt and pivot. Start innovate your career and create your ideal job. It is now more important than ever to focus on career innovation and unleash the full potential to adapt to the new normal.
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About Cyberport

Cyberport is an innovative digital community with over 1800 start-ups and technology companies. It is managed by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, which is wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government. With a vision to be the hub for digital technology thereby creating a new economic driver for Hong Kong, Cyberport is committed to nurturing a vibrant tech ecosystem by cultivating talent; promoting entrepreneurship among youth; supporting start-ups on their growth journey; fostering industry development by promoting collaboration with local and international partners; and integrating new and traditional economies by accelerating digital adoption in the public and private sectors. Cyberport is focused on building three major application clusters, including Financial Technology (FinTech), smart living and digital entertainment & esports, as well as three technology clusters, namely Artificial Intelligence (AI) & big data, blockchain and cybersecurity.


June 4, 2022 09:00 am

Guest reception

June 4, 2022 09:30-09:35

MC Opening

June 4, 2022 09:35-09:45

Welcome Remark--Mr Simon Chan, JP, Chairman, Cyberport

June 4, 2022 09:45-09:50

Mr Alfred Sit Wing-hang, JP, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, HKSAR Gov

June 4, 2022 09:50-09:55

Kick-off Ceremony

Mr Simon Chan, JP
Chairman, Cyberport

Mr Alfred Sit Wing-hang, JP
Secretary for Innovation and Technology, HKSAR Gov

The Honourable Bernard Charnwut Chan

Ir Eric Chan
Chief Public Mission Officer, Cyberport

Mr Ricky Choi
Senior Manager, Smart Living, Cyberport

June 4, 2022 09:55-10:10

Photo-taking with all guest representatives

June 4, 2022 10:10-10:15

Keynote - The Honourable Bernard Charnwut Chan, GBM, GBS, JP

June 4, 2022 10:15-11:00

Career Forum

Technology and Creative Industries: 1 + 1 > 2

Language: English


Ir Eric Chan
Chief Public Mission Officer, Cyberport


Dr Charleston Sin
Executive Director, MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node

Ms Helen So
Lead, Arts and Culture, Our Hong Kong Foundation

Mr. George Chen
Managing Director of Public Policy, Greater China, Mongolia and Central Asia, Meta

Mr Bruce Au
Senior Charities Manager, The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Ms Zaf Chow
Director of Digital Strategy and Partnerships, Animoca Brands

June 4, 2022 11:00

End of Kick-Off Ceremony cum Career Forum of Cyberport Career Fair 2022

June 4, 2022 11:15–12:15

The Future of Career

Looking into the Future of Work, Workforce & Workplace

We live in world of disruptive change which brings constant challenge for businesses and individuals alike. What enables us to not only survive but thrive?

This disruptive change accelerated by the impact of COVID pandemic has clearly showed that it is critical for companies to innovate, changing faster than their peers or competitors in order to survive. Businesses are forced to embrace technologies such as AI, machine learning. What will be the new design of the workforce strategy and what are the skills that organisations are looking for in their people?

To navigate through the time of constant change, organisations need to have agile and resilient workforce and workplace. What sort of skills and mindset a person should possess to be successful in the future of work?

In our session we will look into what the future of work, workforce and workplace will look like and most importantly, what enable us to thrive in this transformation.

Language: English


Ms Mary Lam,
Head of Human Resources, Cyberport


Dr. Joseph Wong,
Executive Director of Hong Kong Design Centre

Mr Robert Lui
Government Affairs Unit leader and Audit & Assurance partner, Deloitte China Southern Region

Mr. Kenny Toy
Mr. Kenny Toy, Managing Director at Accenture Song

Mr Bill Lee
Managing Director, JobsDB Hong Kong

Mr. Gordon Kwok
Founder & CEO, Advokate Group

June 4, 2022 14:00-15:30

The Future of Education

Connecting the Future of Work with Education: Advocating students’ Future-ready Life Development

The current wave of technological innovations and transformations are putting our living and the landscape of work on a new track.

As the World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025, over 50% employees need reskilling. Hence, it is crucial to make mindset and attitude shift especially from early stage of secondary schooling. In response to the ever-changing future challenges, how would the education sector work in synergy with workplace partners to get our young generation well-prepared and to develop their essential competencies and innovations to solve the daily issues in the rapid-changing surroundings and the world of work?

In this connection, a group of network schools under the CLAP@JC project initiates a joint-school hub programme, “STEM x CLD Curriculum & interdisciplinary learning series” to address the need of preparing future-ready students in collaboration with Cyberport Hong Kong. This public sharing session at Cyberport Career Fair 2022 is the first collaborated event of the series.

This session will kick-off with a panel discussion by start-ups and industry partners at Cyberport sharing the rapid changing workplace trends and essential skills equipped by youth to prepare well for the future of work. They will provide views on how STEM is related to everyday lives and new workplace opportunities.

Dr. Stephen Yip from the Education University of Hong Kong will echo with highlights on the importance of infusing CLD elements in the school curriculum/ STEM-related curricula and projects to connect with future work trends and share the impact of making such connection on our young generation and future-ready educators.

Language: Cantonese


Dr Stephen Y.W. Yip
Director (Schools), CLAP@JC; and
Co-director of Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), Education University of Hong Kong


Mr Gary Ho
Manager, Smart Living, Cyberport

Ms Clara Tam
Assessment and Action Plan Advisor, CLAP@JC


Mr Raymond Mak
Co-founder & CEO, Farmacy HK

Mr Marco Wan
Chairman and Chief Executive, Innowises Technology HK

Ms Nancy Ting
Head of Marketing - Greater China YouTube & Hong Kong, Google Hong Kong

Mr Ricky Choi
Senior Manager, Smart Living, Cyberport

June 4, 2022 15:30-16:30

Career in FinTech Cluster

Riding ESG Wave & Green Finance

Language: English


Mr Victor Yim
Head of FinTech, Cyberport


Dr. William Yu
CEO of World Green Organisation

Mr. Cyrus Cheung
ESG Reporting Lead Partner, PwC

Professor Davis Bookhart
Director, Sustainability/Net-Zero Office, HKUST

Ms. Christina Schönleber
Senior Director Policy & Progams, APRU

Mr. Andy Ann
Co-Founder of GoImpact Capital Partners; YAS Digital; Chairman of NDN Group and Advisor of Articoin

June 5, 2022 09:30– 12:30

Sustainability & Youth Development

Co-Create Smart Park Challenge Finale & Award Presentation
Co-organized with Rotary District 3450
Click here for more details.

CO-CREATE SMART PARK CHALLENGE competition is co-organized by Rotary International District 3450 and Cyberport to enhance park environment, promote sustainable development and environmental conservation. The competition aims to recruit creative and feasible park design proposals that could be implemented in a smart park from young people and the general public. The final of the competition will be held at Cyberport on 5 June 2022, the United Nations World Environment Day.

Language: Cantonese

June 5, 2022 14:00-15:00

Career & Youth Development

Career Talk for HAB Youth Start-up Internship Programme
Co-organized with Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR Gov

Language: Cantonese


Mr Ricky Choi
Senior Manager, Smart Living, Cyberport


Mr Kenneth Ma
Founder & CEO, Kuan Inc. Limited (Nu-Credits)

Ms Iris Yeung
Analyst, Kuan Inc. Limited (Nu-Credits)

Dr Aaron Lam
Managing Director, Dalantia Technology (HK) Co Ltd

Mr Chris Yeung
Digital Product Designer, Dalantia Technology (HK) Co Ltd

June 5, 2022 15:00-16:00

Career in Smart Living Cluster

Future Skills & Future Living

Language: Cantonese


Mr Ricky Choi
Senior Manager, Smart Living, Cyberport


Ir. Andrew Young
Associate Director (Innovation) of Sino Group

Ir. Allen Yeung
Founder & CEO, Intelli Global Corporation

Mr Ricky Fung
Deputy General Manager, Information Technology Resource Centre Limited, HKCSS

Mr Raymond Yeung
Founder & CEO, FutureNow

Dr Carmen Ng
General Manager (Elderly Services), Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS)

June 6, 2022 10:00–11:00

Oversea Talent Engagement

Nurturing Future Tech Talents from Global to Hong Kong

Language: English


Ms. Alice So
Head of Entrepreneurship, Cyberport


Mr Charles Ng
Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion (Sector Specialists)

Mr. Mark Blick
CEO of Diginex

Mr. Brian Cheng
CEO of Generation Hong Kong

Professor Dicky Shek
Vice President from GBA Business School

Professor Jack Lau
Advisor, Articoin Limited

June 6, 2022 11:00–12:00

GBA Talent Development

Women Entrepreneurship & Business Opportunity in GBA Development

Language: Cantonese


Ms. Anita Chau
Head of Ecosystem & Development, Cyberport


Ms. Sally Wan
Chief Executive Officer, Greater China,
AXA China Region Insurance Co Ltd

Ms. Ida Chi
Chief Executive Officer,

Dr. Pauline Wong
Chairman and CEO,
Million Rank (HK) Limited

Ms. Queenie So
Founder & CEO, SyZyGy

Ms Justina Ho
Immediate Past Chairlady, IET Hong Kong, Council and Board Member, IET

June 6, 2022 14:00-15:00

Career in Digital Entertainment & Esports

Metaverse Task Force Assemble (元宇宙「薪」勢力)

Language: Cantonese


Mr Terence Leung
Senior Manager, Digital Entertainment, Cyberport


Ms Miranda Wong
Director, The HKFYG Leadership Institute

Ms. Linda CHAN
Founder, Moonland

Mr. Kane CHAU
Associate Program Manager, Brinc

Mr. Eddy HUI
Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Designers Association

Mr. Orange SEE
Chief Operating Officer, Foonie Magus

June 6, 2022 15:00-16:00

How should you get technology skillsets prepared for the future: Cyberport Academy x HKU-SCF FinTech Academy minimal viable project experience sharing

Cyberport Academy x HKU-SCF FinTech Academy CyberCert to Financial Practitioners

Language: English / Cantonese


Mr Samson Lam
Cyberport University Partnership Programme alumnus


Professor SM Yiu
Associate Director of HKU-SCF FinTech Academy, and Professor, Department of Computer Science, HKU

Mr Allen Lee
Head of Information and Communication Technology, Cyberport

Mr Handy Bong
Senior Research Assistant, HKU

Mr Adrian Chu
HKU-SCF FinTech Academy student team

Mr Andy Cheung
HKU-SCF FinTech Academy student team

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Ms. Charlotte Chung, Smart Living Team

Mr. Chun Iu, Smart Living Team


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